Like many other drivers from around Thousand Oaks, you have done your homework, gone for a test drive, and decided that the all-new Subaru Forester or 3-row Ascent is the Subaru for you. Now comes the most important part of shopping for a new car, financing. But first thing is first, do you know whether you are going to lease or buy your next Subaru? Or what the benefits to each financing option are?

Both leasing and financing have their pros and cons depending on your financial background and driving habits you may be more suited to one over the other. For Camarillo drivers who are always on the go and tend to put a lot of miles on their Subaru, they may want to consider buying over leasing. When you buy or financing a Subaru you are not limited to how many miles you can drive in a year. Another big draw to buying is that you will own the car and not have any car payments once it is all paid off. How nice does no car payments sound!

But not everyone is looking for have their next Crosstrek or Impreza for 200,000+ miles and if you like the sound of getting into a new Subaru every couple of years then leasing is for you. Not only does leasing get you into a new Subaru, but it also allows you to get behind the wheel of a more expensive model for less than if you were to buy the Subaru. Your maintenance costs are also much lower than buying because the manufacturer's warranty will make your repair.

Still have questions about whether to lease or buy your next Subaru Outback or Legacy? Be sure to head over to our online financing center to learn more about both leasing and financing. Or make your way down to Ladin Subaru to speak with a member of our financing team who will go over your options and help you decide which option is best for you.